Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Mirror vertices selection

Once you collapsed your Symmetry modifier, you sometimes have to make little tweaks on your mesh. Usually you want to make those tweaks on both sides of your mesh, so you need to manually select the symmetric vertices.
Well, not anymore !

This little macroScript automatically selects the vertices that are symmetrical according to the local X axis of your mesh. You need to have selected vertices on the active Edit_Poly or Editable_Poly for it to work.

That can also be pretty useful when modeling a morph target !
If you want to change the symmetry axis to Y or Z, you'll have to change it in the code:
Look for this line:
 symmetryAxis = 1  
Change this value to 2 or 3 for Y or Z axis, respectively.
There is also a threshold value that you can edit if needed.

You can find the script here, and instructions on how to use them here !

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