Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Animation baker

Another something made to emulate a common Motionbuilder function: Plotting !
This script allows you to bake (or plot, or collapse, or whatever you name it) any transformation animation on any object or hierarchy. It works in the simplest way possible, select your objects, check that the range is correct and hit Bake !
Every object is now independent of any constraint/rig/IK, as they have default animation controllers.
A cool option that's not in Motionbuilder is the Unparent checkbox:

That means you can bake an object that's parented to a hierarchy, then later delete your hierarchy without worrying about the object! That's very handy when you PointCache a character in order to lighten the scene by deleting all your characters rigs.
You can also adjust the increment to fit your needs. The default is 1, which will set a keyframe on every frame. 0.5 will set a key every half-frame, thus keeping more precision, 2 will set a key every two frame, etc.
The smart checkbox will only set keys where keys are already present, which might change the look of the baked animation.
Well, have fun baking now !

You can find the script here, and instructions on how to use them here !

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