Thursday, 30 April 2015

Copy animation from 3dsMax to After Effects

Let's dive into one of my most often used scripts !
This little tool allows you to copy any object's animation to After Effects, with just one click on a button and a Ctrl-V... can't make it any simpler, no file to export/import, no images to render.

What does it copy ?
  • Translation Rotation Scale for all objects
  • FOV and Target Distance for Cameras
  • Intensity and Color for Lights
How to setup your Composition in After to receive the animations ?
Start by checking a few things:
  • The cameras in After Effects must be One-Node Cameras
  • Don't forget to switch on 3D Layer on the destination layer in After !
  • The frame rate in Max and After must be the same
  • The Comp Resolution must match the Max Render Output Resolution
If that's all set, everything should work fine !
Select your Camera in Max and click on the ExportToAfter button.
Click the images for full resolution
In After Effects, with the Time Slider at the first frame of your animation and the Camera selected, press Ctrl-V to paste the keyframes.
Yes, my After Effects install is in French. No, that's not always very handy.
Repeat the same thing for any other objects !
There we go, we have the same animation in Max and After !
You can find the macroScript here and instruction on how to use them here !

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